Of Delay Gratification and Fear Enslavement


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By Tim Akano

There is a unanimity of opinion among the Forbes100 list of the world’s richest people that the hope, expectations and desire for quick wins, physical pleasure, happiness, fame, power is the number one reason why most people fail to realize their life ambition.

10/10 on the Forbes100 list believe, delay satisfaction, tactical withdrawal, ability to enslave desire for quick rewards are more relevant that the possession of a massive brainpower.

More importantly, the richest people in the world also have one thing in common: ability to enslave fear and cage doubt the way zoologists cage Lions in the Zoo.

. That is no mean skill.

Intelligence is overrated, Talent is over hyped, sound education is not absolute but he who possesses life skills in abundance with self-mastery will always have more enduring wins.

Let us use 6 Case-Studies to drive home the point.


Ronald who?- I can hear someone…

Source: Thisday Newspaper