Lady Doja Otedola @90 The Quintessential Erstwhile First Lady of Lagos


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Away from the glamour of public service, the Matriarch of the Otedola family, teacher and wife of the former Lagos State governor, Lady Doja Otedola leads a quiet and spiritual life. Having tapped from her childhood spent largely in mission schools and Catholicism, she desired a

 quiet life and found it much after retirement. Memories of years gone by still ignite some sparks in her eyes as she

recounts parts of her life story that have shaped the past nine decades. Bayo Akinloye writes

Poise. Passion. Faith. Fulfillment. Those four words here are not the limit of her summation. She embodies humanity, simplicity and humility. There is more to her than meets the eye. She epitomises the existential elements of being human, with an illustrious life of giving, sacrificing and giving more — her eyes beam, undimmed by the frailty of old age and vicissitudes of life.

Decked in beautiful lace, blue beaded jewels in her ears,…

Source: Thisday Newspaper