A PDP Southern Candidate Can Win Against Tinubu


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Gbenga  Giwa backs his support for a Southern presidential candidate in both the All Progressives Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party with revealing statistics

I disagree completely with the analysis of Reno Omokri in his article titled, 2023: Political Realities That Annoy And Heal, published in THISDAY of  May 3, 2022, to the effect that, for PDP to win the 2023 presidential election, the party has to field a Northerner, if Tinubu emerges as APC’s candidate. Let me start with the figures Reno gave. He was wrong about the actual votes as released by INEC  in 2019 for Kano State and South-east. Kano State votes was 1,891,134 not 2million as he said, while South-east polled 2,220,756, not 2.09million as he said. That’s a difference of 329,622 in favour of South-east not 90,000, as he tried to imply. Yes, the whole of North-west polled over 8million votes. 8,423,389 to be exact, which is way  away from the 2.2million of South-east….

Source: Thisday Newspaper