What Exactly is This ‘Northern Interest’? – THISDAYLIVE



First, a caveat: I am not in the business of endorsing or demarketing any presidential candidate. But what Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the PDP flagbearer, said in Kaduna last weekend generated so much heat that I felt compelled to throw in my perspective. Speaking to a group of northerners at the interactive session of the Arewa Townhall Policy Dialogue, Atiku said that as a northerner, he was in the best position to understand and address northern problems compared to an Igbo or a Yoruba candidate and northerners should, thus, vote for him. In a country with explosive ethno-religious sentiments, Atiku’s misguided statement instantly provided a good raw material for politicking.

Atiku may be guilty of promoting a sectional agenda on camera, but he is not alone. Others are also “codedly” using region and religion to campaign. It is all politics. My real interest is the actual definition, or meaning, of this “northern…

Source: Thisday Newspaper