200 Billion Cubic Metres of Disaster    – THISDAYLIVE


By Olusegun Adeniyi

We do not seem to be paying much attention, but nothing has taken more lives or wrecked as much havoc in the last four months as flooding. This may be because the victims in most instances are the poor and vulnerable of our society. But across the country, thousands of families have become refugees due to the rains. In Jos, Mrs Indo Abdulmumini narrated her tragic experience: “I was asleep when my husband woke me up and I saw water flowing into our compound. We went into the room to carry the young boys, but we couldn’t because the wall had already collapsed. When my husband tried to enter, he discovered that the flood had taken the children. I have lost six of my children, four girls and two boys, the oldest being 13 and the smallest being 90 days old. I am now left with only two surviving children, a girl of 17 and a boy of two years.”   

The story of Hussaini who lost seven children to the flood is also as pathetic as…

Source: Thisday Newspaper