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Bennett  Oghifo

How prepared are you for car safety? Do you have a car fire extinguisher kit ready to go in your vehicle? An automotive fire extinguisher is safe to put in your car and can make the difference between minor damage and a total loss in the event of a car fire. A bracket or mounting system is the safest way to store a car fire extinguisher. But, how do you install a fire extinguisher? 

We’ll tell you about a few different ways to do it and give some tips on safety and convenience.

Where to keep a fire extinguisher in your car

The driver’s seat is a possible placement for installing a fire extinguisher 

You can and should use a fire extinguisher on a car fire, as long as it’s safe to do so. There are a few options for where to put a car fire extinguisher in your vehicle. As long as it’s secured, out of direct sunlight, and easy to access in the event of a car fire, it should be fine wherever you put…

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