What Will Determine Your Choice in 2023? – THISDAYLIVE



It has now become a tradition for me to analyse the psychology of the Nigerian voter ahead of every general election. Why? I am sitting in my balcony watching people pass by as they argue and pontificate on who will win — or who should win. I hear people argue about merit, power rotation, generational shift, criminal records, pedigrees, spending power, inducement, rigging, structure, debates and other ever-present ingredients in the contest for political power in Nigeria. As far as I can see, these factors will always apply one way or the other in determining the outcome of elections but there are some that are ever constant and we should take time to look at them.

There are certain fundamental assumptions people make at election times that I find interesting but problematic. We always say Nigerians must get their PVCs to vote “the right people” into power. This is a very good and necessary campaign, as I have…

Source: Thisday Newspaper