The authorities should do well to provide toilets and enhance environmental sanitation

The urge to ease oneself most often comes without much warning. When such an urge arises, it should be conveniently responded to. At present, that is not readily available in most Nigerian cities. The embarrassment that this could cause is better imagined than experienced. That is why the provision of public toilets and conveniences is an imperative in a modern society, not the least one wooing investors and tourists. Otherwise, where would a person, outside home, who suddenly feels the need to either pass urine or stool, ease themselves without debasing their human dignity? 

As the world marks the 2022 Toilet Day tomorrow, the United Nations charge “everyone must have access to a toilet connected to a sanitary system that effectively removes and treats human waste” should be a clarion call in Nigeria. It is a common sight in many of our towns and cities to find people urinating or…

Source: Thisday Newspaper