Ike Okonta expresses pride as Nigerian youth are determined to take back their country

You call yourselves the ‘Japa’ generation. And quite rightly. Nigeria at present is a mess politically, socially and economically and you want to migrate to Europe and North America where governments are more serious and accountable to their people. Migration is as old as human history, and people have always moved to other climes in search of fulfillment or adventure. I therefore refuse to criticize you for doing what others before you all over the world have always done.

But you also call yourselves the ‘Sore Soke’ generation – the young people who in late 2020 took on the might of the Nigerian police and in one week’s display of outrage, public demonstrations and sheer courage, used the ‘EndSars’ campaign to draw the nation’s attention to the corruption and highhandedness that is the hallmark of policing in this country. President Muhammadu’s response to your…

Source: Thisday Newspaper