Aisha Shuaibu argues that Nigeria has no business being led by old people

All over the world, young people want to see leaders with kindred spirits, whom they could dream and build. In an age when the world is mainstreaming Resource Mobilization, the present paradigm shift promises to usher in a smarter and inclusive Nigerian society” – Hamzat Lawal

Conditions for new entrants into Nigerian governance improved for prospective youth political candidates after The Age Reduction Bill popularly known as the Not -Too- Young- To- Run Bill was signed into law in 2018, making a 25- year- old eligible for the House of Representatives and House of Assembly and a 35- year-old eligible for the Office of the Senate, Governorship, and Presidency. Despite this, the 2023 elections have still seen low youth political participation, keeping the baby boomers as a persistent demographic bulge weighing down Nigerian governance. Despite the youth’s frustration with the ancient ways…

Source: Thisday Newspaper