Governor Diri Reads Riot Acts to Those Spreading Unverified Sex Story


There is a kind of ridicule that boggles the mind. It is the kind that is far outside the realm of truth and possibility that it throws one off, leading one to ask the question: “Do they think that we have melons on top of our necks instead of heads?” Well, one such ridicule is currently circulating on Nigeria’s social media space, and it has to do with the Governor of Bayelsa State, Duoye Diri. However, Diri does not intend to sit this one out but will fight tooth and nail to make sure that the truth surfaces.

Currently, the gist in town is that Governor Diri leaked the nude video of a female South African legislator named Zanele Sifuba. According to the ridiculous tale, Diri first asked Sifuba to pay him R300,000 (which is equivalent to N8 million) or face the music. And because Sifuba allegedly refused to pay Diri, the governor went ahead to post her nude video online.

Interestingly, despite the sheer absurdity of the tale, several local blogs carried it upon…

Source: Thisday Newspaper