2023: ‘We Must Shun Religion, Ethnicity, Turn by Turn Mentality’


Tyessi in Abuja

The Unity Schools Old Students’ Association (USOSA) has called on the electorates to shun religion, ethnicity, and turn by turn mentality in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

Speaking at its 39th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association in Abuja yesterday, an old boy and proprietor of Flight Training School, Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia, lamented that products of unity schools have failed the nation by not living up to the tenets of the establishment of the unity schools.

Mshelia said that the 2023 election would be a determining factor in correcting by upholding the pro-unity philosophy and ideology of the unity schools and moving to elect a leader that would do the job rather than voting according to the dictate of primordial sentiments.

He encouraged the products of the unity schools to go into politics and vie for positions with the intentions to create change.

He added that their voices would not be heard without their involvement in…

Source: Thisday Newspaper