FG Deploys Multi-layered Communication Infrastructure to Close Blind Spots in Airspace


Chinedu Eze

To avoid incidences that could lead to plane crash, the federal government has approved funds to agencies for the deployment of multi-layered communication infrastructure to close blind spots in airspace.

For several years, pilots have complained of blind spots in Nigeria’s airspace, which refers to parts of the airspace where the pilot loses communication with air traffic control, a trend industry operators have described as threat to safety.

Pilots who spoke to THISDAY said they had always used experience and air-to-air communication with other pilots operating flights to ‘guess’ their way to their destination.

Few years ago, pilots and other aviators who experienced poor communication in the airspace, had never failed to register such complaints at every aviation forum, a situation that must have prompted the federal government to approve and fund projects that have restored effective communication to most of the airspace in Nigeria.


Source: Thisday Newspaper