NCC-CSIRT Warns against TikTok Challenge Spreading Malware


The Nigerian Communications Commission’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (NCC-CSIRT) has warned Nigerians to be mindful of their cyber safety.
They warned users against the recent viral trend on TikTok being used by Cyber attackers to spread malware.

The team revealed that through the viral TikTok challenge, Invisible Challenge, threat actors are spreading information-stealing malware known as the WASP (or W4SP) stealer.

The challenge sees people use a filter to make their body appear to see through, leaving just the silhouette visible.
The WASP stealer, which is high in probability with critical damage potential, is a persistent malware hosted on discord that its developer claims is undetectable.

“Attackers are uploading videos to TikTok with a link to software that they claim can reverse the filter’s effects,” NCC said. “Those who click on the link and attempt to download the software, known as ‘unfilter,’ are infected with the WASP stealer, which…

Source: Thisday Newspaper