SDP Presidential Candidate Promises to Provide 400,000 Houses in Four Years 


Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

The presidential candidate of Social Democratic Party, Mr. Adewole Adebayo at the weekend promised that his administration would provide 400,000 houses in four years if eventually elected the president of Nigeria.

Adewole, founder of KAFTAN TV, lamented the level of underdevelopment in the north, noting that he would not just build the gap between the north and  south, but would make the north catch up the 21st century.

He made the remarks at a session with journalists yesterday, promising to focus on ensuring that the rights of Nigerians, as listed in chapter two of the constitution, are protected.

He said: “What we have as a plan is that we want to invest in the items that are listed in the chapter two of the constitution. We will provide adequate nutrition for all Nigerians; we’ll provide adequate medical care for all Nigerians.

“We will provide adequate education and housing for all Nigerians. We have promised in SDP to build…

Source: Thisday Newspaper