My Song for Saraki at 60


By Wahab Oba

This is my song to celebrate the leader. Many will roll out drums to celebrate the leader who means different things to different people. Those who don’t know him may say other things about him, but those of us who have whined and dined with him, Know Dr Saraki as an extraordinarily intelligent man, the only Senate President who stood before Nigeria’s President Muhammad Buhari to introduce all members of the 8th Senate by their names and constituents without a guide. 

It is sixty years today since Olusola and Florence Saraki witnessed the arrival of their first bundle of joy into the family.  And how so heartwarming to note that sixty years after that arrival on the 19th December 1961, the bundle of joy has continued to be so,  not only now to the immediate family but to humanity across the world. 

 They named him Bukola;  in other words, his arrival was an addition to the family’s wealth. Again, what joy to note that this man, now gradually joining the…

Source: Thisday Newspaper