Yusuph Olaniyonu pays tribute to Bukola Saraki, former Senate President, at age 60

What is usually mentioned is his privileged background. Reporters of his sojourn so far hardly give an account of his checkered history of challenges and tribulations and how he has emerged from each of them stronger, smiling, and smoother.

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki who turned 60 today is no doubt privileged from birth. As a secondary school student in Kings College, Lagos, his family owned a bank with international affiliation and his father was one the most influential lawmakers in the country. However, he has over the years proved to be a higher notch above others like him born with silver spoons in their mouths. He had sustained and surpassed the legacies bestowed on him at birth. He has over the years proved that while his family name helped in his development, he has produced personal brilliance, sheer guts, the courage of convictions, the ability to withstand tribulations, and…

Source: Thisday Newspaper