The Silent Technocrat at 60


*A tribute to Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, CON

Bolaji Abdullahi

“Why should anybody come to Kwara?”
He asked me as I walked into his office sometimes in October or November of 2006.
“I don’t understand, sir,” I said.

Normally a workaholic, but he had been grinding it out really hard in the past couple of weeks; not just shuttling between Ilorin and Abuja, but to distant parts of the State. He would set out early and return late in the evening. He would still get back to the office and work for hours, clearing his desk.

The previous week, he had summoned me to his office around 11 o’clock in the night. He gestured for me to sit as he grabbed some tissues from a box and blew his nose into it. Before I could say anything, he reached for another wad of tissues and blew his nose again. He whispered a cough and sipped at his water. Ice cubes crackled gently and clinked at the glass that looked as frosty as his mien. I said it was not good for him, drinking such…

Source: Thisday Newspaper