Real Estate Key to Sustainable Devt 


By Lukman Shobowale

There is no doubt that these are truly challenges times. The slowdown in global economic activities, occasioned by both the impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine crisis, have resulted in a cost of living crisis and a decline in the global volume of trade, leading to inflationary pressure at national, regional and global levels.

As one would imagine, Nigeria has not been insulated from the financial shock and rise in global inflation. The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) put the nation’s inflation at 21.47%, in November 2022, the highest so far recorded in the nation’s history. This has led to rise in food inflation and a corresponding decline in purchasing power of most Nigerians, leaving more people in severe poverty.

Similar to other monetary Authorities in the world, the Nigerian Central Bank has continued to tighten its monetary policy, as part of measures to address the growing inflation. Notably, through interest rate and other…

Source: Thisday Newspaper