Stop Placing Financial Burden on Congregation, Bishop Adekunle Charges Clergies


James Sowole in Abeokuta

 The Bishop, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Egba Diocese, Reverend Emmanuel Adekunle, has admonished Christian clergies, to stop placing  unnecessary financial burden on their congregations.

Adekunle charged clergies to be accountable to whatever accrued to the church rather than overburdening worshippers with several charges in the name of raising funds.

The Bishop gave the charge while addressing journalists at a news conference to commemorate the 180th Anniversary of Christianity in Nigeria.

He said some churches deceived members of their congregation that it is when they give all they have to the church that they can prosper, saying the practice makes some pastors concentrate on property preaching over salvation.

Condemning the wrong practice, the Bishop said whoever wants to get rich must work hard and do things with fear of God.

“We must work to eat and get prosperous. It is wrong to place burden on church members. We…

Source: Thisday Newspaper