Advocacy Group Bemoans the Destruction of TBS Iconic Gate


Yinka  Olatunbosun

Legacy also known as Legacy 1995, an historical and environmental interest group of Nigeria, has condemned the unlawful destruction of the iconic gates at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos Island.

The gates are essentially historical monuments and emblems of Nigeria’s independence.

Prior to the demolition, the previous entrance structure had gigantic sculptures of four white horses hovering above the gate and seven red eagles, which are symbols from the national emblem signifying Strength and Dignity respectively.

Other monuments in the square include the Remembrance Arcade (with memorials to World War I, World War II and Nigerian civil war victims) and the 26-storey Independence House, built in 1963 which was for a long time, the tallest building in Nigeria.

In a press statement published on Legacy 1995’s social media platforms, the group remarked that the TBS is one of the listed sites marked for preservation under the Lagos State…

Source: Thisday Newspaper