Forestalling Famine in the Wake of Food Crisis



It is an irony to lack amidst abundance. Such is the state of a land blessed in every form of richness; in culture, human and natural resources yet her people suffer critical hunger as though not endowed. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country is currently embattled with a plethora of crisis that cuts across all spheres of human existence. The Global Hunger Index report 2022, reveals the nation’s GHI score as 27.3, depicting grave hunger. Thus, the need for immediate interventions to forestall its debilitating effect. Lending credence to the current deteriorating state of nutrition in the country is another report by The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization which had predicted that about 19.4 million Nigerians will face food insecurity within the second half of year 2022.

Several factors have been implicated in this menace and they include: inadequate government support for farmers, lack of proper storage and processing facilities encouraging food wastage,…

Source: Thisday Newspaper