Adebayo Adedeji: Winning Edge of Travels and Leisure Mogul


In almost four years since he joined Wakanow, Adebayo Adedeji has transformed it into a leading travel tech company in Africa, sealing deals, recording astounding growth and expanding to more regions. This year, he restructured the company and stepped into the new role of Group Chief Executive Officer. Vanessa Obioha unravels the humanness of the business leader that empowers Adedeji to lead one of the most loved travel companies in Nigeria

Be prepared. This is one of the notes you may likely get on a first encounter with Adebayo Adedeji, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Wakanow, the leading travel tech company in Africa. Given the fact that he is nicknamed Lion, one may wonder if he/she is at risk of being devoured. Certainly, you will be, but by his large chest of nuggets of wisdom and knowledge. In the one hour-long conversation at his pristine office in Lekki, one couldn’t help but count the number of quotes he shared. “The library of hearts,” “The lucky…

Source: Thisday Newspaper