Common Errors about Nigeria (III)



As a student of development, I have patiently studied the trajectories of several nations — Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the US, the UK, Norway and some developing countries — and I have a confession to make this morning: it is only in Nigeria that people blame their underdevelopment on the constitution. I admit that we are special, so special our own case must always be different. That is why we have an emotional attachment to an imaginary “perfect constitution” as the basis for development. The constitution is expected to eradicate poverty and disease and elevate us to the comity of prosperous nations. According to us, we will never rise because of our “evil” constitution.

In the first instalment of this series on five common errors about Nigeria, I argued that Nigeria is not a rich country, no matter how many times we make that audacious claim. We are potentially rich for sure, but we are not generating enough income to meet…

Source: Thisday Newspaper