Security agencies should do more to avoid costly mistakes and uncertain results during combat operations

Nigeria’s epidemic of insecurity has necessitated a war-like response. In most troubled places, the military has routinely mounted spirited combat operations against armed adversarial non-state actors. Predictably, these aerial bombardments and battlefield ground assaults have led to unintended casualties in several instances. The most recent one is the gruesome murder of innocent herdsmen in Doma local government area of Nasarawa State. According to reports, they were returning from Benue (where they had gone to retrieve their herds of cattle seized by authorities there for infractions against the state’s anti-open grazing regime) when they were struck by an Air Force combat aircraft on a security operation in the area.  

Available reports indicate that about 37 persons died, and scores of others were injured, some severely. The dead include nine members of one…

Source: Thisday Newspaper