Examining Global Report on Human Trafficking 


The recently launched global report on trafficking in persons has revealed that for the first time, the number of victims detected globally decreased by 11 per cent, a reduction that is largely driven by low and medium-low-income countries, writes Ugo Aliogo 

Recently the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) launched its 2022 Global Report on Trafficking in persons, which is the sixth of its kind mandated by the United Nations General Assembly in its Global Plan of Action to combat trafficking in Persons. It covers 141 countries and provided an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional, and national levels, based on trafficking cases detected between 2017 and 2021.

The Report draws upon the largest existing dataset on trafficking in persons, with information on the more than 450,000 victims and 300,000 suspected offenders detected worldwide between 2003 and 2021 while noting the role of organised crime groups as the engine…

Source: Thisday Newspaper