Labode: Consumers are Always Interested in Potentially Life-changing Cash Reward Schemes


Lai Labode is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, CashToken Africa, a company that helps African businesses optimise sales and consumer loyalty investment through its universal gamification of rewards and expenditure model. In this interview, he speaks about the company’s services and its expansion plans. Obinna Chima brings the excerpts:

Tell us about Cash Reward Africa and what the company does?

Essentially, several years ago, we conducted this research called the patronage optimisation research and we wanted to be able to understand the most potent emotional disposition is that would trigger increased patronage for any goods or services. We were also looking for solutions that could potentially help Africa redistribute wealth and potentially tackle poverty. We were also looking for the best way to help businesses to be able to impact society. So, we established this model called the Socialist Smart Business model and decided to lead a new generation of…

Source: Thisday Newspaper