Linus Okorie contends we must change the way we think if we want change in the country

The whole country at the moment is at a very critical state. The level of anger and frustration is unprecedented. Those at the lowest ebb of the economic ladder are actually in pains. We cannot confidently say that we have a middle class but for the sake of this article let us pretend there is a middle class. These set of people are just going through challenges that have put them in a place of confusion and uncertainty. Let us say that the followers and citizens are obviously reacting to the hardship that is biting hard in the land. The most annoying part of this whole happenings is the behaviour of the political class. Those entrusted with leadership and responsibilities have also fallen into a mood that proves their inability to practice mind leadership. The outcome of this stark reality is the anger, frustration and outbursts that is unhealthy for our polity. It only heats up the…

Source: Thisday Newspaper