Ghana Hosts Gamr Game Developer Mixer 


For weeks leading up to March 18, there was a buzz of anticipation in Ghana. On that fateful day, the anticipation transformed into something else entirely – an event that dominated the gaming scene across the country.

On Saturday, all roads led to Accra, Ghana, for the Gamr Mixer: Ghana’s Game Developers and Gamrs Gather at Otium Game Lounge. The event brought together game developers, publishers, gamers, and other industry stakeholders from Ghana.

The event was organised to celebrate and promote the growing game development industry in Ghana and provide an opportunity for game developers to showcase their latest games, network with other developers, and learn from industry experts.

The event started at 4 p.m. with over 50 people from various countries, including Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Different esports organizations, including Kwasi, Afroconmades, Yatra gaming lounge, Esports Africa News, Ace gamers esports, Eyram Leti Arts, Sunami games, Afro…

Source: Thisday Newspaper