Leo Igwe writes the omission of religion is an act of mischief

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, will be conducting a national census this year. The program was slated for March, but has been shifted to May due to a change in the date of the gubernatorial elections. This official survey would provide information about how many people live in Nigeria including their ages, jobs and other details. The humanist community is concerned because some very vital information a census usually provides about a population would be missing. There will be no data on religious and irreligious changes, shifts and affiliations in the country. The state agency that conducts this survey, the National Population Commission (NPC) has stated that the questionnaire would not contain any sections on religion due to the volatile and controversial nature of the question. The NPC attributed the omission to some misguided rumor and speculation that the religion question would be used to…

Source: Thisday Newspaper