The Soldier Who Humbled Boko Haram – THISDAYLIVE


The appointment of General Leo Irabor as the Chief of Defence Staff marked the crystallization of a brilliant career in the Nigerian Army. He was the nemesis of the once dreaded Boko Haram insurgent group in North East Nigeria.

General Irabor displayed courage as Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, the Nigerian Army’s counter-insurgency outfit in the group’s heydays. The Boko Haram group controlled scores of local government areas, and the task to liberate these councils fell on the shoulders of the Irabor, who didn’t disappoint in the mission.

The story of Irabor in the Theatre of Operations in North East Nigeria was that of courage and determination. He led in an exemplary manner that saw the dissemination of the Boko Haram group in their enclaves. The Nigerian Army, under the operational command of Irabor, took the battle to the trenches. It ransacked the Boko Haram sect in their various hideouts, including its operational headquarters in…

Source: Thisday Newspaper