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Uche Barry Nwachukwu, a.k.a Savage Xtra, is a beacon of hope and symbol of resilience for aspiring artistes and fans alike. His music, with its infectious beats and uplifting messages has the power to brighten lives and inspire dreams. Savage Xtra’s creative process is a harmonious collaboration with his producer, where he transforms his idea into soul-stirring melodies. Writing all his songs himself, he weaves his life experiences into each note, making his music a reflection of his odyssey. Hell tells  Ferdinand  Ekechukwu about his forthcoming album, his musical journey, what the album mean to him and more…

Can you speak on your upcoming album and its composition?

Oh well, ‘Young, Blessed and Dangerous’ is my second studio album. And one that I presently crafted. My first album was 2021, and this is coming in 2024, in compliance to what I also promised my fans. It’s an album that describes my current state of mind and character, with every…

Source: Thisday Newspaper