ANU lady Ekwe, Olo Omidan stage in Turkey Bata for World tourism


Anu lady Ekwe

Anu the lady Ekwe has been groomed by Atunda Entertainment for over four years to showcase the best of African music in a highly cosmopolitan manner to the world to move away from the typical music style that imitates the West.This pure creativity and perseverance is paying off  as she is now on the world stage and set to hit different parts of Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. As a result of her originality, the government of Turkey has chosen this authentic, classy and cosmopolitan African performer to mix with authentic Turkish performers at the grand concert of the first ever Africa Turkey Economic and Cultural Amalgamation slated to hold in Konya, Turkey from January 13, 2017. This gathering will be graced by the Prime Minister, Governors, Mayors, All African Ambassadors in Turkey, top business men in Europe and other high net worth individuals.


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