Akure-Ilesa road: From deathtrap to robbers’ den


Following the infamous label the Akure-Ilesa road has taken in recent times, with reports of incessant robberies, leading to loss of lives and property, Hakeem Gbadamosi examines the trend of negative occurrences and efforts of security operatives to address the situation.

Over the past four to five weeks, no fewer than six people have been sent to their early graves, and millions of Naira lost to hoodlums who operate, unchecked and even in broad daylight, on the ever-busy Akure-Ilesha road, which has become a notorious lane for armed robbers, a situation which has sent fears into motorists plying the highway.

Investigation by Nigerian Tribune revealed that many Nigerians have fallen prey to robbery incidents on this road. Former Director General of Daily Times Nigeria, Adunuoyi Ojo Onukaba, was killed recently while returning from the 80th birthday celebration of former President…

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