Lagos: Charting the route to holistic cleanliness


Is a Lagos free of environmental pollution and degradation possible? Governor Akinwunmi Ambode believes strongly that it is possible. This informed the Clean Lagos Initiative recently rolled out by the state government. SULAIMON OLANREWAJU looks at how this new move is different from past efforts.

Environmental degradation is a consequence of development and modernization but it is also an albatross to development because many cities are ill-equipped to manage it. As observed by M. Medina in Scavenger Cooperatives in Asia published in 2010, globalization is increasing the amount of waste generated that later has to be collected and disposed of, adding that the situation puts huge strains on African, Asian and Latin American cities.

The problem of solid waste management keeps compounding in most African cities because those in charge lack both the resolve and the resources to tame…

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