Buhari and his security effort in North East


That the Buhari administration has made tremendous efforts towards tackling the nation’s security challenges is often lost to many, but for those living in the North Eastern parts of the country, the reality is different.

They are the ones who have had to contend with the Boko Haram insurgency since 2011, when at the peak of the insurgency, the sect was an occupation force, occupying about eight local government areas in Borno state killing, maiming and kidnapping at will.

Today the Boko haram has no foothold in any part of the North East, the sect has been decimated and largely operates from the fringes of the Lake Chad, attacking opportunistic targets and scurrying back to their hideouts. The ability to congregate and launch coordinated attacks has been taken away from them and the Nigerian military is in complete control of every Nigerian territory in the North-eastern part…

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