Addressing vote buying


Vote-BuyingA shout of “Mr. Man, wetin you dey do? Why you dey snap your ballot paper?” drew our attention to the voting cubicle. A security personnel was seen grabbing the trousers of a voter and trying to collect his phone when I got closer to the scene. When questioned, the security personnel claimed that he had seen the young man taking a picture of his ballot paper and he was trying to find out why. The man he grabbed kept insisting he had a right to take pictures of his ballot paper that it was his ballot paper and no one else’s. As the APO/VP, I knew it was my job to diffuse the tension that was starting grow among the queued electorates as they had also started shouting about how it was his right to do whatever he wanted with his ballot paper and the party agents weren’t helping matters either, with their “leave him alone now! He can snap his ballot paper if he…

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