Lunch inspiration! Eba and efo riro with peppered ponmo


Efo riro is a popular delicacy among the Yorubas. It is a rich vegetable soup seasoned with peppered ponmo although stockfish, crayfish and meat can be substituted, depending on personal taste.




Two large tomatoes

Fresh pepper (to taste)


Seasoning cubes


Locust beans

Palm oil


Ponmo and offal (shaki)



Wash the ponmo and offal thoroughly. Cook for 15 minutes and then set aside.

Collect and wash the vegetable thoroughly to remove stones and dirts. Shred and set aside. Do not apply hot water to the vegetable as it tends to remove the essential nutrients in the leaves.

Grind the pepper and tomato.

Put a pot on fire, add the palm oil and allow to heat.

Pour the pepper and tomato puree into the oil. Add locust beans, salt and seasoning cubes.

Add the ponmo and offal at this stage and leave for three to five minutes.

Remove the ponmo…

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