Why cough due to TB, COVID-19 is different — Experts


If you don’t think that coughing is a common complaint, just head to the nearest drugstore. You’ll find a bewildering array of syrups, sprays, tablets, and lozenges designed to control coughing. A cough for a day or two may be easily assumed to be cold or the flu, but a week or two of recurrent cough may make worry mount that it could be tuberculosis or COVID-19.

Now, cough due to tuberculosis and that from  COVID-19 is different.  Although cough is a common symptom to both diseases, there are slight differences.

“The cough in tuberculosis produces sputum or what many may refer to as very thick saliva, but in the case of COVID-19, the cough is usually dry, unless the individual has…

Source: Nigerian Tribune