What our oriki means to us?


In Yoruba culture, Oriki (cognomen or pet name) is meant to inspire and bring out the best in an individual and, it actually does. Aunty ‘Yemi speaks with some kids whether they have Oriki and if yes, do they know the meaning or its importance?


Ewaoluwa Olalekan, 5 years old

I feel very happy when my oriki is called by anyone. I have two: Ajoke and Anike

My mummy told me that my daddy and maternal grandpa gave me oriki because they both love me and want me to bear the oriki they name me. I have not asked my mummy for the meanings.  I do not wish to have a change of oriki. I love those ones especially Ajoke because I have a cousin who bears the same name. When I become an adult and get…

Source: Nigerian Tribune