Bauchi uncovers, removes 1,115 ghost workers from payroll, another 6334 illegal workers, saves N763m


An end may now be in sight after about 2 years of battling to correct the irregularities that have bedevilled payment of salaries of civil servants and pensioners in Bauchi State as the government has declared that it has uncovered and subsequently removed names of a total of 1,115 ghost workers as well as another 6334 illegal workers from both the state and LG workforce from its payroll and saved a total of N763,792,664 in the process.

The government also disclosed that the total number of personnel now uploaded on the employees’ enrolment portal for both the state and local governments are: state service 29,752; local government service, 50,484 making a total of 80,236 workers in the…

Source: Nigerian Tribune