Emmanuel Olaniyi Oladeji: End of an era


S. Blatchley, in the book “Boulder Reveries”, 1906 referred to the “two most important days in a man’s existence as the day of birth, and the other being the day of death”.

Born to the family of Oladeji Babayemi of Oloosa Oko, Oopoyeosa, Abebi, Ibadan on 25th January, 1929, Emmanuel Olaniyi Olatunji Oladeji had  a modest and compelling upbringing in the Abebi enclave of Ibadan.  Growing up within a settlement marked by the presence of the Christian Missionary Society and Roman Catholic church planters, it is not coincidental that he attended St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Abebi in 1935.  The eldest of six children, Olaniyi grew up in a modestly defined and strong…

Source: Nigerian Tribune