That Gumi’s stopover in Igboho


SHEIKH Ahmad Gumi is trending again. His name is now on the lips of everyone in Igboho, the headquarters of Oorelope LGA of Oyo State. The man reminds one of the case of the áfókéèmù – that person whose deed has an impact on everyone around in the family. Áfókéèmù, according to my Ibadan friends, is that person who broke the gourd with which the household drinks water. The same gourd is called Ókón in my variant of the Igbo language. It is that natural long-armed ‘cup’ which is always found on the family’s water pot. Whoever needs a drink would just pick it, take water, drink and replace it. We used this natural utensil at the denouement of primary school. It later…

Source: Nigerian Tribune