Why I chose Miss Ojuloge Nigeria pageantry to preach culture, values — Olajumoke Ajadi


Olajumoke Ewatomi Ajadi is an actress, TV host and content creator. She is better known as the convener of the Miss Ojuloge Nigeria fame. In this interview by ROTIMI IGE, she talks about her pageant which is currently in its fifth year, love for culture, among other issues.

Tell us about growing up?

I am originally from Osun State but I grew up in Ibadan, which was where I had all my formal education. I was born into a family of six by Muslim parents. Over the years, I have come to love the city of Ibadan and this is why I try as much as I can to showcase the Ibadan girl in all I do. Altogether though, growing up was fun for me.

When did you become conscious of fashion and beauty?

My first…

Source: Nigerian Tribune