Guinness Nigeria introduces new Orijin variant ‘Tigernut and Ginger’, celebrates African roots


Guinness Nigeria has introduced another African blend of herbs and fruit with Orijin Tigernut and Ginger, a contemporary drink, which according to the company, was created to reawaken the tastebuds of consumers while remaining true to their roots.

At a huge ceremony held yesterday in Lagos, Orijin Tigernut and Ginger was unveiled as part of ‘Bolder By Nature’, a creative campaign by Orijin to drive bold conversations and summon authentic expressions of orijinality through a themed fusion of African and modern street culture.

The new blend, according to Guinness Nigeria, is an authentically Naija drink for those proud of their heritage and joins its predecessors; Orijin RTD, Orijin…

Source: Nigerian Tribune