Miracles of Holy Prophet Muhammad (VI)


IN the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The Holy Qur’an, Al-Isra 17:101-104 says, “To Moses We did give nine clear signs. Ask the Children of Israel. When he came to them, Pharaoh said to him, ‘O Moses! I consider thee, indeed, to have been worked upon by sorcery’. Moses said, ‘Thou knowest well that these things have been sent down by none but the Lord of the heavens and the earth as eye-opening evidence and I consider thee indeed, O Pharaoh, to be one doomed to destruction!’ So, he resolved to remove them from the face of the earth. But We did drown him and all who were with him. And We said thereafter to the children of Israel, ‘Dwell securely in the land…

Source: Nigerian Tribune