Mayegun is thy name, S.O. Oyebode, my father, my mentor


THE highly celebrated Chinua Achebe, it was who put the inevitability of death in the most succinct manner in his book, Things Fall Apart, when he wrote:  “A man who does not surrender to anything will one day surrender to the death mat.” So, it was with my father, Chief Samuel Oladipo Oyebode, who heeded the final call on December 19, 2021 when the angelic host arrived at his bedside in the wee hours of the day he took a ride with them in their chariot. My mother, Esther Anike Oyebode, confirmed daddy’s exit through a phone call at exactly 5.30am that day. “Daddy has gone home. It is well”, she said and hung up before I could ask further questions. Her call, though, was…

Source: Nigerian Tribune