New Yam Festival 2022: Ooni of Ife, others celebrate at the palace (SEE VIDEO)


The harvest of new yam is usually during July and August of every year. At the palace of the Ọọni of Ife, Adeyeye Eniyan Ogunwusi, the New Yam Festival was celebrated with kings, chiefs, men, women, and children bringing in yams and paying homage to the king. There were harvested corns in their numbers too.  

To celebrate the new yam festival, tubers of yam and corn were roasted and the roasted tubers of yam were portioned by an important figure who gave the Ọọni and other dignitaries seated around him to eat alongside palm oil.  

In the end, people were given raw yam tubers in their numbers to take home for themselves. The new yam festival in Yoruba land usually comes…

Source: Nigerian Tribune