The worrisome trend of women’s involvement with illicit drugs


For most Nigerians who once lived in denial of Nigeria’s drug problem, the activities of the NDLEA, since Brig. Gen. Mohammed Buba Marwa (retd)took over the reins of leadership of the agency, have blown away whatever illusion there was. Week after week, we are fed a diet of arrested drug traffickers and seized drugs. In one year and a half, the agency has arrested almost 19, 000 offenders with some 3, 000 jailed in court, while over 3.6 million kilos of various drugs had been mopped. Recently, the agency destroyed the largest ever seized drugs, over 560, 000 kilograms, in Badagry, Lagos.

Such news is heartwarming. However, there is a worrisome trend in the details: women, once…

Source: Nigerian Tribune