Week of ship damages, food fights and nomination swap rebounds


This week saw Deji, Diana and Giddyfia bow out of the show Sunday night, leaving 14 housemates to compete for the grand prize.

The two rider housemates, Chizzy and Rachel are still in the house, making a total of 16 housemates.

On Monday, things spiral out of control between Bella and Sheggz, with Doyin playing the mediator.

“She is super defensive,” Sheggz slammed an exasperated Bella. “If I have badly behaved, then leave me. Who is begging you, please leave!” Bella fumed.

The friction between the two has since eased out, with Sheggz taking sides with Bella on what resulted in a scuffle with Rachel over food on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Biggie questioned the housemates…

Source: Nigerian Tribune